Welcome! You’ve taken the first courageous step of seeking professional help to better manage a distressing life issue that you may be experiencing. You may be feeling pain and needing emotional support, or simply having a desire to gain clarity and a sense of direction in your life. A caring and knowledgeable therapist can help facilitate these processes.

While we cannot change the difficult life experiences of our past, an effective therapeutic relationship can help you find better ways to manage life in the here and now. Learning healthier coping skills for managing challenging situations, in addition to having a safe space to explore emotions, thoughts and feelings can have profound effects on one’s quality of life.

Finding a therapist with whom you can build a meaningful relationship with is the biggest key to success. For this reason, I provide an initial 15 minute phone consultation to ensure that I am the right fit for helping you meet your mental health and wellness goals.

Please call or email to schedule an appointment today. I look forward to joining you on your journey to better health and well being.