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  • The Road to Healing Begins Here...

    Welcome! I am thrilled you’re here, taking the first courageous step towards seeking support. I am here to help.

    You may be feeling pain and needing emotional support, or simply having a desire to gain clarity and a sense of direction in your life. You may not be sure exactly what you need, but know that something needs to shift. A caring and knowledgeable therapist can help with these important explorations.

    Finding a therapist with whom you can build a meaningful relationship is an integral part of the process, and can have profound effects on one’s quality of life. Here are a few things you can expect while working with me:

    • A safe and non-judgemental space to better understand current challenges
    • Full support with naming, feeling, and moving through your pain
    • Guidance around letting go of old beliefs that may no longer be serving you

    I offer free 15-minute phone consults, to determine whether or not I would be the right fit for you. If all of this resonates, and you’re ready to hear more about how I can help, please call (720-654-6500) or click here to get started. I look forward to joining you on your journey of healing!

    About Molly Marr

    I have extensive experience with, and regularly utilize, the following approaches: EMDR, Internal Family Systems & Meditation/Mindfulness. All of my work with clients, regardless of modality, is rooted in attachment-based healing & recovery approaches.