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    Welcome. I am glad you are here.

    Life can be overwhelming at times. Transitions…endings & beginnings…loss. We are not meant to navigate these challenges alone. 

    Emotionally painful symptoms (such as chronic overwhelm, irritability, excessive feelings of guilt & low self-esteem – just to name a few) are typically what bring people into therapy. These symptoms can give us good information about potentially unhealed wounds from our past, that we may have overlooked. These core issues tend to require deeper & more intentional healing work, in order to fully resolve the associated dysfunction. 

    Good therapeutic work allows us to understand more about your symptoms, and to use that information to pave the way for the healing. My role as therapist is to join you in exploring, and better understanding, the root cause(s) of what may be exacerbating your current challenges. Together we make sense of it; and together we make a plan for what the healing path may look like for you.

    I specialize in using EMDR psychotherapy to treat anxiety, PTSD, complex trauma and other related disorders.

    If all of this resonates, and you’re ready to hear more about how I can help, please call (720-654-6500) or click here to get started. I offer free 15 minute phone consults, to determine whether or not I would be the right fit for you. I look forward to joining you on your healing journey.

    About Molly Marr

    I have extensive experience with, and regularly utilize, the following approaches: EMDR, Internal Family Systems & Meditation/Mindfulness. All of my work with clients, regardless of modality, is rooted in attachment-based healing & recovery approaches.